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What is SDS drill mean and the functions

When buying a new cordless or corded drill, you can find that there is a drill called SDS. So, do you know what a SDS drill is? What you can make benefit for it, and compared to other drills, what is advantage of a SDS drill? Let me show you.

What does SDS means?
The SDS means Special Direct System, so a SDS drill is a Special Direct System drill.

The SDS drill is improved hammer action which allows more powerful hammer blows .The hammer works with specifically designed SDS drill bits which results in better performance when drilling through hard materials such as concrete.

When will you need a SDS drill?
Because the SDS drill have more power, so, if you want more power for demanding and heavy duty jobs, such as bore holes in stones or concrete. Because it has a shank and drill bits that is attached to the drilling hammer, it is mostly used in masonry.

Functions of SDS drill
They have three fundamental functions that permit normal drilling, hammer action and chiseling. In addition, SDS Drills can grip large diameter drill bits well pass the 13mm diameter boundary of normal drills.

Difference between normal drills
SDS drill is able to deliver hundreds of times the energy per hammer when conventional hammer drill can not. It also has a different chuck design and special SDS drill bits to remove the possibility of bit slip and also to withstand the force of its hammer action.

SDS Drills are usually heavy compared to normal drills which mean they are inappropriate when operating up a ladder.

So, a SDS drill need more power, such as the Dewalt 18V DC212 SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, Dewalt 24V DW005 SDS Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill, Bosch GBH 36V-Li Compact SDS Hammer Drill, Makita BHR261TRDE 36v LXT BHR261RDE Cordless SDS Hammer and the Makita 18V LXT BHR202 BHR202Z BHR202RFE SDS Hammer Drill which use BL1830 battery.

We suggest buying a high capacity battery for this SDS drill, 3000mAh is ok. More higher will be great.

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