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Guides on how to repair cordless hammer for novice

As a power tool repair novice, the first repair maintenance of cordless power tools is the cordless Hammer. Here are some points of personal summary for repairing a cordless hammer:

1. Check the hammer battery is OK or not.

2. The first step is to observe the repair hammer, to see if the shape of the hammer is incorrect observation or huge damage, if damaged, may be inferred fault the place and reason.

3. Measured the Hammer with a millimeter to see if the lines breaks or not, because Hammer entire circuit is a series circuit, you can check through multiple measurements to find out which part of the Hammer is fault.

4. You should be more carefully when demolition the hammer. Please put the disassemble parts, screws and other accessories into a fixed position to prevent those little parts in the repair process is lost, concentrate on at the line connection for easy installation and the maintenance is completed ( the main point is to develop good maintenance habits, in the maintenance of large motor when not so confused ).

5. Do more test, hammer repaired after topical use tables to test whether pathways, the replacement or repair of the motor rotor when the direction of rotation of the motor to be tested to ensure the hammer is not reversed. If the rotor is inverted to change the direction of current coil.

6. After installation and maintenance, will be re-tested and wipe clean the machine, so that customers can get our hands after having a good feeling.

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Functions and purpose of 28 normal power tools

1. Li-ion Cordless Screwdriver / Cordless Screwdriver: Suitable for transfer, turn out the screw, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling.

2. Cordless impact Drill: Suitable for transfer, turn out the screw. Also in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling, or brick, concrete and stone on the impact drilling.

3. Cordless Wrench: Suitable for transfer, turn out the screws within the specified dimensions, can also be used to tighten, loosen Screw nut within the specified dimensions.

4. Cordless Hammer: Suitable for brick, concrete and stone on the impact drilling. There is also in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling. When model equipped with electronic speed turn prepare and forward / reverse function, it can also loose / tighten screws and tapping.

5. Drill: Suitable for use in plastics, ceramics, metal and wood drilling operations. When equipped with electric control device and forward / reverse function, it can rotate and drill thread.

6. Impact Drill: Suitable for brick, concrete and stone on the impact drilling. It may also be in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling. When equipped with electronic speed and forward / reverse function, it can also be used to loose / tighten screws and tapping.

7. Hammer drill: in concrete, brick and stone on the vibration drilling operations. When the vibration drilling function closed, you can use the machine in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling, equipped with electronic speed control device and forward / reverse switch brick machine, can be transferred in / out threaded screws or drill with chisel cut function of the model, can do the hammer hits the job.

8. Hammer: Suitable for use in concrete, brick, stone and asphalt on chiseling operation, if installed on the appropriate accessories, you can also use the machine to screw or knock the loose solid materials to Solid.

9. Angle grinder: suitable for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone, the job must not use water, when cutting stone must be used to guide plate. For models equipped with an electronic control device. If installed with suitable accessories, it can also be used at abrasive and polishing operations.

10. Polishing machine: Suitable for polishing metal and stone.

11. Direct mill: (After installing the emery wheel) suitable for grinding metals and remove burrs. When equipped with an electronic speed control device and operating at low speed state, it can also be installed on the machine brushes, fan-shaped grinding wheel and abrasive belt.

12. Electric screwdriver: For Transfer to / from the screw, but also in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling.

13. Tapping Machine: Suitable for through hole tapping. When special accessories installed, you can perform a blind hole tapping.

14. Impact Wrench: For Transfer to / from the screw within the specified dimensions, but also to tighten / loosen the nuts within the specified dimensions.

15. Metal electric scissors: for shear iron does not produce chips. You can shear curves and straight lines.

16. Straight electric scissors / electric punching: suitable for cutting sheet metal, sheet metal shears after not distorted. Shear can be straight, narrow bore cutting and cutting corners.

17. Miter saw: in the timber on the vertical and horizontal straight line separatism separatist.

18. Profile cutting machine: metal plate made in vertical and horizontal line cutting, cutting without the use of water.

19. Stone cutting machine: Suitable in the high mineral materials (e.g. marble) grooved seam or cutting, be sure to operate the machine a solid bench, and you want to use a protective cover, with a special configuration of the model can also be subjected to wet cut, not using this machine for cutting wood, plastic or metal.

20. Wall slot machine: equipped with guided slide, suitable for use in a high mineral content of the material (e.g. reinforced concrete, brick walls and asphalt, etc.) on a cutting or milling, slot milling time without water.

21. Jig Saw: Suitable end of the fixed pad for cutting wood, plastic, metal, ceramic plate and rubber. Cutting saws can also be cut saws straight bevel (45 degree angle).

22. Circular saw: for a solid working platform sawing work, can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal line sawing, sawing bevel sawing maximum angle of 45 degrees.

23. Latex cutting machine: You can use this machine in the foam plastic, foam rubber and similar materials on a wide variety of shapes cut. )

24. Sanding machine / trimmer / planer: Suitable for wood, plastic, caulking material and protect the paint on the surface of dry grinding operations. With electric adjustment function, it can also do the polishing operations.

25. Hot air gun: used to bend or welding plastics, remove the old paint and pipe for thermal heating, in addition, you can use this machine for welding, tin, welding glue and thaw pipes.

26. Wall detector: Can detect metal, wire, wood and other various materials.

27. The laser range finder: to measure distance, area and volume, can indirectly measure the height)

28. Laser level: the measuring instrument for measuring and testing the horizontal and vertical lines.

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