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Guides on how to repair cordless hammer for novice

As a power tool repair novice, the first repair maintenance of cordless power tools is the cordless Hammer. Here are some points of personal summary for repairing a cordless hammer:

1. Check the hammer battery is OK or not.

2. The first step is to observe the repair hammer, to see if the shape of the hammer is incorrect observation or huge damage, if damaged, may be inferred fault the place and reason.

3. Measured the Hammer with a millimeter to see if the lines breaks or not, because Hammer entire circuit is a series circuit, you can check through multiple measurements to find out which part of the Hammer is fault.

4. You should be more carefully when demolition the hammer. Please put the disassemble parts, screws and other accessories into a fixed position to prevent those little parts in the repair process is lost, concentrate on at the line connection for easy installation and the maintenance is completed ( the main point is to develop good maintenance habits, in the maintenance of large motor when not so confused ).

5. Do more test, hammer repaired after topical use tables to test whether pathways, the replacement or repair of the motor rotor when the direction of rotation of the motor to be tested to ensure the hammer is not reversed. If the rotor is inverted to change the direction of current coil.

6. After installation and maintenance, will be re-tested and wipe clean the machine, so that customers can get our hands after having a good feeling.

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